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Thread: Minecraft: Server for Python programming

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    Minecraft: Server for Python programming

    I'm trying to use Python for programming Minecraft.
    I have the book "Adventures in Minecraft", but I'm having trouble getting started and I find conflicting information online.
    I find tutorials like this: Teaching Python with Minecraft, 2016, - YouTube -
    Where they use

    "CanaryMod is a Minecraft Server wrapper and library with built-in data
    management features as well as player permissions and groups management."

    And I think that Canary Mod somehow that lets Python communicate with Minecraft.

    I don't see how I download and install this.

    In this video
    They are running Ubuntu, but they download Canarymod from but that site seems to not offer CanaryMod downloads anymore.

    Maybe I should "git clone"
    Would I install that? Run it? The "readme" doesn't offer anything helpful.
    What do you think?
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