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Thread: one host blocked after 48hours

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    one host blocked after 48hours


    I have a strange issue with my home network. My raspberry zero can't reach my home server after ~2 days of normal operation. When I reboot the server, it works again.

    only the connection between these two is broken. Other clients with similar software reach the server. Normally this server is up like 50-100 days without issues. The zero can ping/reach all other ips in the network.

    So my assumption is that something on the server is blocking the connection to the zero after some time. I have browsed through the syslog.. checked iptables.... AFAIK I don#t have any firewall running on the server (which would be the first thing to look for if it would be windows).

    Any idea what I could look for?

    Network layout:
    fritzbox <-> ethernet to server (ubuntu 14.04.5)
    fritzbox <-> wlan to zero (rasbian 10)


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    Re: one host blocked after 48hours

    Ubuntu 14.04 is EOL since April 2019. Please install a supported release.

    There's no point in troubleshooting an obsolete release.

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    Re: one host blocked after 48hours

    ok. For this and other reasons, I upgraded the server. Since bananapi does not provide any newer ubuntu, I had to change hardware. It is now a small AWOW PC with a celeron.

    Now with Ubuntu 20.04 server the observed issue no longer appears.


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