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Thread: Tethering iPhone to USB Bluetooth dongle

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    Re: Tethering iPhone to USB Bluetooth dongle

    yes, i have transferred iPhone to PC via cable via your method 1. no problem there. i rate myself as being obstinate - just wanted to do it wirelessly. i appreciate all your detail and i now realize that i never mentioned being successful with the cable method - my apologies as i should have include that in my 1st post.

    but, your help is not for naught. its caused me to jump out of my stubbornness and into more practical thinking - i am going to use the cable method as the method of choice for the immediate future. however, i will copy your VLS instructions and given a little more time, see if i can get it to work. and yes, i may even pursue bluetooth again in the far future.

    thanks again

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    Re: Tethering iPhone to USB Bluetooth dongle

    If you install the VLC for mobile app on your iphone, make certain that it is open on the iphone before you try to access it from your computer. When you open VLC on the iphone, there will be several icons. One is network so tap that. There will be an option Sharing via Wifi so select that. Just below Sharing via WiFi you will see the IP address of the iphone which is what you need to enter in the address box on your computer browser, something like: You don't need the http part and it doesn't work if it shows https.

    Hopefully you will have better luck than I did as this failed on Ubuntu 20.04 for me. When I try to drag and drop from the iphone to the file manager on Ubuntu, I get a pop up saying Drag and drop is not supported An invalid drag type was used and it fails. When I drag and drop from the computer to the iphone, the image file name shows in VLC with -100% showing after the file name which would indicate it was copied but it is not, isn't see in Photos on the iphone. I get the same result on clicking the + in the upper right window of VLC and navigating to a folder with images and opening/copying it. Also on Ubuntu, if I right click an image on the iphone under the Download Files box, it does not give an option to Copy so cannot Copy/Paste to nautilus on the computer. I can right click an image in nautilus and select Copy but there is no option to paste in VLC. I also have Slackware Linux installed on this computer and the methods of drag and drop to and from the iphone as well as copy/paste to and from work without problems so I'm not sure what the problem is .

    Good luck with it, especially the bluetooth method.

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