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Thread: Asus Strix Soar (Soundcard) Not Working

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    Asus Strix Soar (Soundcard) Not Working

    Hi peoples

    Well, I have switched my laptop over to ubuntu with no real problems, but, I am having an issue with my desktop. For some reason, I cannot get my soundcard working. I have an Asus Strix Soar. It's supposed to be supported, but, I get nothing at all. Can anyone help?? This is really bugging me! I cant switch over with no sound!

    Headphones work and so does windows. I am connecting to my speakers via Digital S/PDIF Output. Heres a screenshot of the settings -

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    Re: Asus Strix Soar (Soundcard) Not Working

    Well, have tried running alsamixer in a terminal, and, get the following - Can someone please help?? This is really frustrating. If it wasn't for this I would have switched from windows by now.



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