I am having an issue with running Ubuntu 20.04 & 20.10 in VMWare Workstation Pro 16 on a Windows 10 host.

Everything in the VM works perfectly, except for scrolling in Google Chrome and other random apps (scrolling works fine when in the settings app etc). I found some suggestions such as setting "Optimize mouse for games" to "Always" in VMWare preferences, which fixes the scrolling issue... But then with that enabled, on my second monitor the mouse cursor goes invisible. If I set it to "Never" or "Automatic" the scrolling doesn't work properly, but my cursor works on dual monitors... so its a lose-lose.

I noticed the scrolling doesn't work properly when the mouse is moving, but you have to keep the mouse very still while trying to scroll to have it scroll properly, which isn't suitable.

I have tried multiple tweaks, but cannot figure it out... If anyone has any ideas, i would be very grateful!