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Thread: Yubikey Login

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    Question Yubikey Login

    Hello all,

    I'm using the guide @ After downgrading my Ubuntu to Bionic Beaver I've had to reapply my Yubikey for my Ubuntu login. I've done this before with Focal Fossa and had no issues and my Yubikey worked flawlessly. I'm just not on my game as I was before so I could use a some assistance.

    I'm having an issue pointing Pam to the correct file. I have /etc/Pam.d so from what I've read from /etc/pam.conf is that /etc/pam.conf gets ignored completely if the directory /etc/Pam.d is present. Which configuration file do I add "authfile=/etc/Yubico/u2f_keys" too?

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    Re: Yubikey Login

    I believe the file you are looking for is
    Skip Barker


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