Quote: [I understand that your intentions are entirely noble, but I am obligated to point out that there is an element of magic thinking in your claims. They erroneously treat security as an app rather than as a process.]

Thank you. I appreciate your reply. You made your point well concerning viruses and antivirus programs. No argument - but I'm a bit more paranoid so will follow the more conservative (for antivirus) guidance at: and keep running mine.

Quote: [The distinction between "home users" and "system administrators" is also unnecessary. Security is security. It does not vary. It especially has nothing to do with the expertise of the user.]

OK. I was discussing the expertise of casual home users (i.e. no IT background, Senior Citizens, other challenges) verses SysAdmins and CyberSecAdmins. I'm discussing the fact that many home users have switched to Linux from Windows and are GUI/Desktop only users (no shell/command line). I want to use this cafe to identify those things casual users can do to improve security a bit. For example, adding GUFW to easily turn-on their (UFW) firewall.

Quote: [A foolish user will eventually infect his computer and antivirus will not stop this. It is his behaviour that will get him in trouble. A foolish sysadmin will inevitably court disaster irrespective of his years of expertise.
A wise user will avoid infection and antivirus won't make a sliver of a shred of an ounce of difference. It is her behaviour that will keep her out of trouble. A wise home user is unlikely to have to deal with malware irrespective of how inexperienced she is.]

Amen. In addition to the foolish, there are wise folks (including those with no IT background, Senior Citizens, and other challenges) who are just not educated in Cyber Security, but who can follow simple guidance (i.e. installing and using GUFW) and improve their own security.

Quote: [There is only one way to attain hardened security: one must put in the work, the learning and, most of all, the behaviour modifications. There are no tricks. There are no shortcuts. There are no magic apps. There are no antivirus, antibiotics or antihistimines.]

I can't argue with you when you are right. Yet there are Ubuntu users who will not be able to put in the "work" or level of learning to achieve hardened security. I think the tips from knowledgeable folks like you, mastablasta, and others here CAN help even 'casual' users.
Thanks for the reply, advice, and wisdom. I look forward to your future posts and insights.
P.S. As soon as I learn to quote portions of the text in the reply as you did I'll start doing so........ Still searching for 'that' instruction.....