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Thread: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

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    Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by EuclideanCoffee View Post
    - what you said -
    Thank you, very much!

    I spent most of the day, reading and thinking about my future online, regarding malware with Linux. I learned a lot about 'nasties' and using Clamd with Claws Mail, among other possible solutions. I am very happy though, to follow advice from people, 'within the know'. As an old casual user, with a rather low risk for tolerance, I will consider using Gmail again. Here is something I saw today about Google's scanning:
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    Re: Ubuntu Home Users Security (friendly) Discussion

    NICE Ubuntu Mate 20.04 eBook! I just found the eBook (you may already be aware of it), "Using Ubuntu MATE and Its Applications Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS Edition", at:
    Very nicely done. For this (old linux user but) newbie to Mate, it contains a lot of great Mate Options and information in an easy to read (lots of screenshots) format.
    I'm always interested in other's perspective on CyberSecurity. This eBook takes a stance on anti-virus similar to many who responded here (I'm the oddball who sees it different); stating,
    "Although third-party antivirus software is available for Linux, it is most frequently used to scan for infections in files that are being shared with or by Windows users. Ubuntu MATE is designed to make it difficult for viruses, rootkits, and other malware to be installed and run without conscious intervention by you, the user.".
    I'm enjoying this ebook and the CyberSecurity links (in previous posts) provide me on this forum.
    Never too old to learn, I appreciate all the views shared here and especially those who went to great lengths to include specific guidance. Although still using antivirus, I've honed my CyberSecurity Tookbox here.

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