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Thread: Clean Browser Chrome

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    Question Clean Browser Chrome

    Dear Form,

    This is simple an short when open a browser I don't want password's saved History Saved or Pins Saved on Home Page of Chrome...
    Basic Every Time I Open My Browser I Would Like to See This... Basically When I First Installed Chrome... IF POSSIBLE I do not think it is ( But I Don't Know if it's People )
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    Re: Clean Browser Chrome

    $ firejail --private {program tobe run}

    This will make the underlying flle system that the program sees be empty with each invocation. Nothing can be saved from the program. Everything about the process is new, including the directories.

    I don't/won't use chrome, but with chromium on 16.04, it works fantastic.

    Other constraint systems like snap packages break this ability.

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    Re: Clean Browser Chrome

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    Re: Clean Browser Chrome

    Start chrome with
    google-chrome --password-store=basic
    See if that does what you want

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