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Thread: Remote Desktop!

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    Re: Remote Desktop!

    Quote Originally Posted by cmcanulty View Post
    can advise how if you need more help. I tried to use it for years without success just because I didn't realize a few easy tricks t o it.
    Hey, have installed x2go, and working fine as far as connecting to a logged in session. Still unable to access pre-login though(gdm3, I beleive).
    Have searched high and low, but unable to find solutions without installing full, separate desktops etc.
    IS there actually any way to connect pre-login?
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    Re: Remote Desktop!

    You pick which type of session you want in the x2goclient.

    If you want a dumb client, use XDMCP. I haven't used XDMCP in about 25 yrs. It is what dumb x/terminals used when we'd have 30+ people connect to one workstation in the olden days. This was always pre-login. It worked over UDP. Meh. No security.

    The other option is to use SPICE, but I've never gotten SPICE working unless the machine was a KVM virtual machine. There was a project to make it a normal remote desktop, but there wasn't too much interest. Someone with an itch probably kept working on it and SPICE over a LAN is probably the fastest remote desktop available today. I'm 100% positive this is pre-login. It always works that way, which I find maddening.

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