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Thread: Proxy for apt issue

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    Proxy for apt issue

    I am trying to configure a server running on 18.04 in our DMZ to use a proxy we have setup that is used for the package manager on our systems (normally yum which is 99% of our systems). This proxy is only available on 443, I get the following error when I try to update:
    Could not handshake: An unexpected TLS packet was received. [IP: x.x.x.x443]

    I have the proxy settings for apt configured as follows:
    Acquire::http::Proxy "";
    Acquire::https::Proxy "";
    Acquire::https::Verify-Peer "false";
    Acquire::https::Verify-Host "false";

    I have tried only having the https config, changing all urls in souce.list to https but it always gives the same issue.

    To be clear, I have never had an issue doing this with our RHEL servers so I can confirm the proxy is functional.
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    Re: Proxy for apt issue

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