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Thread: Install Canon Pixma G2110 All-in-One Printer

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    Question Install Canon Pixma G2110 All-in-One Printer

    Hello Team, I have been trying to install my printer for several months. It is a Canon Pixma (G series) multifunctional - G2110, (Apparently in Mexico they are sold with a slight variation by adding an lcd screen to count the number of copies there the "10". So internationally it should be very similar to the G-2100 model)

    Although the printer only has drivers for Windows, I know it is compatible with Ubuntu, as in my early days with Ubuntu 18.04 I was able to install it only using the add printers feature in settings. The only driver there was was for the G2010 (so I think I used that one) with not many settings like in Windows but at a decent level. Back then I could only print it, the scanner didn't detect it. in that same time I can also install another Canon g-3100 that I had at my work. With similar results and methods (only it was for Wifi)
    However, I did try various distributions in between that time, and finally went back to 20.04. To avoid problems when switching between distributions I decided to format the HDD before going back to ubuntu

    So, I tried to "reinstall" my printer, but was unsuccessful, the farthest I've come is that it is detected in the settings but in "generic text-only mode" (by the way, it fails). When I try to search for drivers the window always freezes and I have to force close it. I can only once, select the driver for the G2100 in the settings,
    the facility is clean (less than 2 weeks)

    . Is there a way to install my printer again (at least for printing) and get the scanner detected as well?
    - only connects via USB
    I leave you a photo (or what remains) of the printing test sheet from that time, (maybe it will help)

    And Sorry the Bad english ppl. I'm not very good at writing in the past tense

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    Re: Install Canon Pixma G2110 All-in-One Printer

    This is a long shot: give what you get for
    lsusb -v | grep -A 3 bInterfaceClass.*7

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    Re: Install Canon Pixma G2110 All-in-One Printer

    Let me say I have not installed a Canon printer and our Canon 8800F scanner is plug 'n' play. I have tracked Canon printers because I may need to buy a new printer at some point and Canon seems like a viable choice. It is best to use open drivers if they are available and functional. If not, here is what I would probably try:
    Ths one should work with Pixma devices.
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