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Thread: Features for Ubuntu 21.04

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    Features for Ubuntu 21.04

    Unity was an excellent interface, in my opinion it was the identity of Ubuntu. But as we use Gnome today, I have some recommendations.

    • There could be an option to move the button to open the application menu to the top, the application launcher button at the bottom is not very practical.
    • The application menu could have an option not to be used in full screen, just like in Unity, in addition to having the function of separating applications into categories.
    • Return with the function of the trash being fixed on the taskbar.
    • The global menu needs to be improved, it could have a magnifying glass icon in which it would be possible to search for functions of the currently open application, it would be very useful in Gimp for example, in which it has many functions.

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    Re: Features for Ubuntu 21.04

    Not a support request

    Thread moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat.

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    Re: Features for Ubuntu 21.04

    Ubuntu was around a long time before Unity and Unity riled a considerable portion of the Ubuntu community.

    Prior to Unity, Ubuntu sported a GNOME DE.

    Just so you understand: Your post was placed in a chat area because your suggestions are not requests for specific help. Furthermore, we do not make decisions about what Canonical chooses to do with Ubuntu. We are all volunteer end users such as yourself (including the Staff and Admins), providing peer support when and where we can. You can chat about what you think Ubuntu needs, but the developers don't hang out here so they won't see what you write.
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