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Thread: A GUI for GNU Core Utilities

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    A GUI for GNU Core Utilities


    Personally I am in love with Linux, I hope everyone starts using open source software and ditch other paid alternatives. Since Linux is open source I would like to do my fare share of service and help introduce people who don't know about or whomever is scared by the use of shell.
    As a project I am trying to create a GUI for the GNU Core Utilities; so users can click/choose arguments, options, choose files using a file browser instead of using the file path and so on. Then users will see the command they choose in the same way you would write it in the shell. So by time they ditch the tool and use the shell. Yes, I know it is not as effective or efficient, it is an introduction to the tools or just to show people what can you do with it.

    I want to know what you guys think, is this project not worth it?, is it useless?, or is it something good.
    All your opinions are welcomed, please do tell what you think whether its positive or negative.

    What do you think are the most used tools, or in your personal opinion you think it is more important.
    Thank You.
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    Re: A GUI for GNU Core Utilities It uses the man pages to show options and how a given command will work.

    AIX had a tool called smitty. The command would be built at the bottom of the page. It could be copy/pasted for later.

    But users need to understand relative and absolutes paths. Without that, they will always be confused. A good permissions tutorial would be a huge help too. But people usually start out expecting to jump into intermediate tasks when their understanding level is pre-beginner. Unix skills build on prior skills, so learning -just-in-time- usually means learning 5 other skills first.

    It is hard to teach efficiently, but not be boring. In a beginner admin class, I'd start with a tar command to backup /etc/ with a timestamp in the filename. That should be a basic skill for an admin, but my classes always struggle. Some would put spaces in locations that cannot have a space in the single line. People almost always think they know more than thy actually understand. We don't know what we don't know.
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    Re: A GUI for GNU Core Utilities

    Yes, of course the tool will show the "built up " command at the end so the user can copy paste or just mess around with it later, it is defiantly not a replacement.

    That is a valid point about paths I ill have to think of something.

    Since you teach classes, do you think I should go for it?, I am doing it as a school project and I think it something new and helpful.

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