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Thread: Move files and directories into a non-empty directory

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    Question Move files and directories into a non-empty directory


    I was looking for a way to move content of a directory (files + sub-directories) into another directory.
    I understood that MV command does not move content if destination directory includes some directories that are not empty.
    Therefore i check rsync that seems to do it correctly, except that i would like to remove from source directory, all files and sub-directories that were successfully move to destination.
    I saw rsync has an option --remove-source-files, but it deals with files only.

    Therecore is there a command line or option to remove source content (files + directories) after successful move to destination directory ?
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    Re: Move files and directories into a non-empty directory

    I would use rsync, then use an inverse-recursive rmdir to clean up empty directories. Then I'd assume that any directories that aren't empty, had some other issue.

    I've never used the --remove-source-files option. I'd just run, then re-run the rsync without that option, but with progress and status options so any non-copied files would be clear. That would tell me clearly if there are issues or not. Then use a rm -rf on the source when all was clear.

    And I would have excellent backups for all directories involved before beginning any of this.


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