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Thread: Lubuntu and LXQT applications lists

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    Question Lubuntu and LXQT applications lists

    Do we have list of supported LXQT applications list for Lubuntu (like 20.10 maybe?)

    *currently I need email client with pop3 support,
    what about virtualbox ?

    Thank you,
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    Re: Lubuntu and LXQT applications lists

    What do you mean by "supported LXQT applications"?

    If an application is coded in QT then it will run OK. If it is coded using GTK then you will need to install the GTK deps to make it work. These are all fully "supported". Everything you can install from the official Ubuntu repositories is fully "supported".

    Virtualbox is in the repositories. You can install it using
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install virtualbox
    POP3 support is pretty basic. Thuderbird will do this well. If you want something lightweight on resources the Sylpheed or Clawsmail are 2 options I can think of quickly

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    Re: Lubuntu and LXQT applications lists

    I mean applications that runs on LXQT,
    other distro has the list mentioned in their site,

    Anyway is Thunderbird using GTK or what? thanks!

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    Re: Lubuntu and LXQT applications lists

    LXQt should run any GTK2, GTK3 or Qt5 application; LXQt refers to the desktop itself; which will run other applications too.

    I've been using `evolution` as my MUA (mail user agent, or mail program) since the GNOME 2 days, it's now GTK3 and won't be the most efficient on my Qt5 based Lubuntu LXQt system, but I'm not willing to change so I don't. My desktop is also a dell from 2009, so it's somewhat resource challenged by today's standards, but it still works, and it's not the only old GTK program I'm using, so I'm willing to live with the resource hit (on this machine; I'm more careful when I've less RAM though).

    I'll provide the following from Fedora -

    There is no difference with LXQt in different distributions, except the versions differ slightly (Fedora is only slightly behind my Ubuntu system, but openSuSE tumbleweed is actually ahead of my Lubuntu, Debian sid currently a fair bit behind )

    One comparison in the Lubuntu wiki is as follows -

    but the list was created with the purpose being in helping users find the applications used, and thus where bugs should be filed.

    If you want to look at what libraries are used by a program, ie. using your example of `thunderbird`, you can look at the dependencies ie.

    one of which is libgtk-3-0 which tells me it's GTK3 based.

    If you compare with `trojita` which comes with Lubuntu desktop (

    you'll quickly see Qt5 libraries as required, eg. libqt5core5a.

    That was only done for example purposes, with only a single library chosen (if you look you'll see more), plus you can look using commands too (eg. `apt-cache show thunderbird`)

    You haven't specified any release details, so I've used the latest (groovy).

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    Re: Lubuntu and LXQT applications lists

    Thank u help me alot...

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