I am running Ubuntu Server 18.04.5 as a VM using VMWare 6.2. At login I get the following message - "/dev/sda2 should be checked for errors". This is my root filesystem. I'm not great with Linux so the solutions I have tried I found via Google search. Here's what I've tried so far..

  • Run 'sudo touch /forcefsck', nothing happened on reboot
  • Run fsck from the recovery menu, get the following error - "/lib/recovery-mode/recovery-menu: line 80: /etc/default/rcs: no such file or directory fsck from util-linux 2.31.1"
  • Booted into ubuntu-18.04.5-live-server-amd64.iso, but no option to enter terminal and 'CTRL ALT T' does not respond using VMWare Remote Console

Google results isn't giving me anymore options so any advice offered would be greatly appreciated.