I have a question about a fresh install of 20.10. When booting off the install usb drive you have two choices. Legacy boot or UEFI. My Asus Z77 has issues with booting UEFI if I remove the SSD serial cables. Its a firmware problem. You can never boot off the disk again unless I format it. The machine is my test machine with 7 SSD's. Booting legacy has no problem switching drives and there are up to 7 Linux distros at any given time. Ubuntu 20.04 is one of them. It boots legacy MBR without issue.

20.10 is different. It does not partition a new drive MBR only GPT. Legacy boot is solved by Ubuntu creating three partitions. A bios-boot to interface the legacy hardware, an EFI partition, and the root partition. The machine boots legacy but the disk is partitioned GPT.

Does anyone know if MBR is going to be supported like 20.04 and previous versions or is this a bug? If one goes the manual partitioning it comes up with a warning about the bios-boot partition not being present. Sometimes it does configure the disk MBR. It boots but will not load. Sometimes it configures the disk GPT. There's no selection for the user.