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Assuming the efibootmgr output came from UEFI firmware “boot sequence “.
Statement : “boot” devices are identified by hardware and multi entries “ubuntu”.
1.What are the entries called “ubuntu”? Definition ?
2. Where did they come from / generated by whom ?
3. If I disable the entry “ubuntu” and reboot, will it get regenerated ?

If so – how do I test my modifications ?

a@a-desktop:~$ efibootmgr

 BootCurrent: 0000
 Timeout: 1 seconds
 BootOrder: 0000,0007,0011,0006,0004,0008,0009,000A,000B,000C,000D,000E,000F,0010
 Boot0000* ubuntu
 Boot0004* USB  
 Boot0006* Hard Drive  
 Boot0007* ubuntu
 Boot0008* UEFI: Seagate BUP Ultra Touch 0004
 Boot0009* UEFI: Seagate BUP Ultra Touch 0004
 Boot000A* UEFI: Seagate BUP Ultra Touch 0004
 Boot000B* UEFI: Seagate
 Boot000C* UEFI: Seagate
 Boot000D* UEFI: Seagate
 Boot000E* UEFI: Seagate
 Boot000F* UEFI: Seagate
 Boot0010* UEFI: Seagate
 Boot0011* ubuntu

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