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Ok to tidy this thread up there were two problems.... which is confusing to say the least !

1 ) The stand-alone 2.5" housing I was using was faulty, despite appearing to power up OK.
2) The PSU supplying my ALL IN 1 HDD dock was putting out 6v instead of 12v.

Gparted now sees all my SSDs and I can format them etc.

Thanks for all the advice, which prompted me to keep looking.
To make you feel better - I optioned my UEFI firmware to "disable legacy USB " .
My mouse runs off USB port.
I could not figure out why my mouse quit!

I am not sure how this thread got from "eternal drive" to all that stuff about USB.
I have xTB USB connected hard drive - so is it USB or "external?

I'll admit I did not scan all discussion contributions, maybe somebody mentioned this.
I would give "Disks" a try.
It is little goofy, but does "mount" anything irregardless of technology.

Perhaps a better terminology should be used.