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Thread: Screen Of Death

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    Screen Of Death

    I have upgraded from xubuntu 18 to 20
    I have a amd ryzen 5, 16gb ram, amd radeon rx 590
    at various times upon booting I get various screens with colored lines top to bottom side to side and the only way to clear it is to reboot using the reset button.
    What could be causing this problem and how do I fix it
    Thank you
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    Re: Screen Of Death

    Unfortunately, a lot of strange problems can occur when upgrading. What I would do is create a bootable medium with 20.04 on it and boot to that and see if the graphics are OK. If so, I would back everything up and do a clean install.

    I learned a loooong time ago to only do a complete install and not ever to do an upgrade. Some people have great luck with upgrading, but I have never been one of them. I once tried to upgrade 13 machines: 2 worked with no issues and one had a minor issue. The other 10 were just to goofed up to try and fix and got clean installs.

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    Re: Screen Of Death

    Looks like a "driver" problem, had this with an upgraded Ubuntu and a fresh install fixed it for me.
    Could also be hardware looking at your pictures.
    Did this happen with 18? the colors? do you have another cable/monitor you can try?


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