After solving several problems I have installed Black magic capture card and davivci stusio on 20.04. Trying to rember what sound system I have i think its realtek. I have several videos rendered mp4 AAC compressed audio. Windows 7 can not render 4k with resolve 16 so im back to linux. (its been awhile) OK I can use the resolve raw player and play the videos no problem with sound. However Resolve 16 after importing video has no sound. After searching severak forums one answer was ubuntu does not handle AAC or compressed audio I dont buy this as i can play the videos. I havnt looked for ubuntu or resolve logs yet id have to figure out how to access them.

This is a 7th gen Kaby Lake 48GB ram nvidia geforceGTX 1050 TI I have the black magic 4k capture card functioning OBS Studio Virtual cam out Black Magic and HDMI to USB so it really will be a killer machine. But I need to render 4k and it would be nice to have the audio with it. General suggestions or just give me some paths to go down