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Thread: Will System76 pre-install Ubuntu-MATE?

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    Will System76 pre-install Ubuntu-MATE?

    If one were to buy a new System76 Thelio Desktop workstation (or any one of the units from its computer line), can it ship with Ubuntu-MATE as its pre-installed OS, if the buyer were to request this?

    Or does System76 insist on pre-installing only either the vanilla Ubuntu or System76's "Pop!_OS"?
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    Re: Will System76 pre-install Ubuntu-MATE?

    You you checked their website you wouldn't need to ask here.

    It's the default PoP!_OS or Ubuntu. You can install anything you want.

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    Re: Will System76 pre-install Ubuntu-MATE?

    System76 uses Pop! OS or you can get it with Ubuntu. I don't think they offer to install anything else for you.

    They may, upon request, set up whatever partition scheme you want, including a Windows partition if you let them know you plan on installing Windows to make it dual-boot. I don't know if they offer to install it on the system for you (after you've paid for the license) or not.

    There is a blog post here that goes over adding other desktop environments on top of Pop! OS.

    They are very approachable. If you have a question just ask.
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