The other day my laptop (Dell Inspiron 5379) lost power and when I booted it back up the HDMI port no longer recognized my external monitor. I searched around and found similar issues but almost always related to Nivida drivers, but my laptop is using the integrated graphics so nothing seems to be getting that to work.

my xrandr --query can be found here. This is with the HDMI plugged in but I see no sign of it at all.

My LSHW output can be found here

I can provide any other info I'd suspect, just not sure what is important here and what isn't. I've been working at this for a while but rebooting, switching environments (regolith/gnome to ubuntu'/wayland), etc don't seem to fix the issue. Taking that same HDMI to another PC and it works, or even plugging in HDMI into DisplayLink dock and then plugging that into the USB of my laptop works. But I have a third monitor that is left out of the loop now.

Thank you so much for your attention & assistance