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Thread: libc issues

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    libc issues

    I developed a app for Ubuntu. I compiles it on Ubuntu 0.04 64bit with current dev-esentials. I created a package with CPack and sent to a friend. He got: version "GLIBC_2.29" not found version "GLIBC_2.27" not found version "GLIBC_2.29" not found version "GLIBC_2.28" not found

    He is on Ubuntu 16. I have installed glibc 2.31 on my development machine. So I assume that this lib is missing on his Ubuntu 16? Can I add this to the package so a Ubuntu 16 user do have the needed libs available? Or do I have to compile it with something like a compatibility flag?

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    Re: libc issues

    If you want to produce a deb package for 16.04 then most cases inc. your case you have to build it on 16.04.


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