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Thread: RAID Options to Lessen Any Performance Hit?

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    Question RAID Options to Lessen Any Performance Hit?

    I'm going to be setting up a Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise OS on an old (but powerful) Dell XPS PC. I will then be running Ubuntu Server on top of it using VirtualBox. I need to have redundancy on the Ubuntu Server (not as important for the Win10 host install, although it would be preferable). The computer will have 3 HD's - 2 x 8 TB and 1 x 10 TB. My question though is what is the best way to go about getting that redundancy to avoid any performance decrease/loss on the Ubuntu server?

    I think the Dell XPS has fakeRAID (although not certain of this), so I could just use that and let the host OS handle the redundancy (and use the 10 TB drive as a backup/spare). Alternatively (or if it doesn't have fakeRAID), I could use Windows Storage Spaces (would probably need to use the 10 TB as a boot drive and the 2 x 8 TB for Windows Storage Spaces). Or I could set up two virtual drives (one on each of the 8 TB drives) and use mdadm to get software RAID directly on the Ubuntu server.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

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    Re: RAID Options to Lessen Any Performance Hit?

    If performance is important, use an NVMe SSD. Huge HDDs are terrible for performance and with RAID, especially fake-RAID, it will be worse. SSDs are profoundly faster. Put the guest OSes on SSD and only put data on slow HDDs.

    Next, if you want a stable, fast, VM platform, use KVM, not virtualbox. There's lots of good reasons why commercial VM providers use KVM as the hypervisor. A little research will provide those. Vbox is fine for toy VMs. Not for production.

    The hostOS should control the RAID, not the guests.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear.
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