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Thread: Remote display via ssh or other protocol

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    Remote display via ssh or other protocol

    to start i am not looking for vnc, also not looking for x11 forwarding as i have been able to set up.

    simple question:
    i want my local shell to display any xserver requests on remote display

    long question:
    raspberry pi physically attached to a physical display, no keyboard, no mouse
    local machine with all, display, mouse, keyboard, nuke warhead, all the good stuffs

    i would like to have local shell's x requests display on remote display. NOT on both "x11 forwarding" i can look "over
    there" to see it.

    extra credit:
    i would like to be able to capture local xinput and send to remote xserver with keyboard interrupt to
    return to local xserver

    if im asking this the wrong way pls inform

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    Re: Remote display via ssh or other protocol

    Have you tried x2go? It has its own server and client. You'd install the server on the Raspberry Pi and the local machine you use with a client.
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    Re: Remote display via ssh or other protocol

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    Re: Remote display via ssh or other protocol

    Could barrier be what you're looking for ? It's basically a keyboard and mouse switch in software. The mouse pointer can be moved from one display to the other, the keyboard input goes to whatever display the mouse pointer is in ... I'm using this between my Raspberry Pi 4 and my XUbuntu machine and it works quite nicely.


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