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Thread: No brightness level adjuster

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    No brightness level adjuster

    I'm new as it can get to linux and I'm not very familiar with it so I would like some help if anyone is ready
    to help. I have a some kind of problem with brightness. There are a lot of people complaining that their screen brightness is too bright but mine is to dim and there is no way to adjust it, no kind of slider and my hotkeys are not working.

    So if someone can help me I would be belighted.

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    Re: No brightness level adjuster

    Things like brightness adjustment are hardware specific. Can you tell us a bit more about your hardware? Somebody may be familiar with it. It changes with release too. Which release of Ubuntu have you installed?

    The place where you can expect a slider for screen brightness (or where you can put such a slider if it doesn't exist already) depends on your desktop environment. Regular Ubuntu uses the gnome 3 desktop, which has lost many of such features lately. I don't use it.

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    Re: No brightness level adjuster

    Does the system have a make and model?
    Do you have the latest BIOS?


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