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Thread: Problem with Samba after python3 update

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    Problem with Samba after python3 update

    On 6 October2020 on an Ubuntu 16 system with kernel 4.4.0-187-generic,
    by "unattended-updates", python3-urllib3 1.13.1-2ubuntu016.04.3
    is updates to python3-urllib3 1.13.1-2ubuntu016.04.4

    After this update Samba doesn't work any more.
    Registering of the Samba server at the Domain Controller no longer works.

    # net ads join -U admsamba
    Enter admsamba's password:
    Failed to join domain: failed to lookup DC info for domain 'SAMBA-DOMEIN.LOCAL' over rpc: Undetermined error

    From the website below I downloaded the former version python3-urllib3 1.13.1-2ubuntu016.04.3'

    With dpkg I installed the former/correct version 3 over the new/wrong version 4.

    #dpkg -i python3-urllib3_1.13.1-2ubuntu016.04.3_all.deb
    dpkg: warning: downgrading python3-urllib3 from 1.13-1-2ubuntu0.16.04.4 to 1.13.1-2ubuntu016.04.3
    (Reading database ... 168370 files and directories currently installed.)

    The command below shows that the former version 3 is installed and the new version 4
    is available.
    # apt policy python3-urllib3
    Installed: 1.13.1-2ubuntu0.16.04.3
    Candidate: 1.13.1-2ubuntu0.16.04.4

    After the downgrade, it was possible again to register the Samba server at the domain controller.

    # net ads join -U admsamba
    Enter admsamba's password:
    Using short domain name -- SAMBA-DOMAIN
    Joined 'system1'to dns domain 'samba-domain.local'

    It seems that python3-urllib3 1.13.1-2ubuntu016.04.4 contains a problem.
    Maybe the security update is to strict.

    Do you have the same problem?
    Wat is the correct channel to report this issue?

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    Re: Problem with Samba after python3 update

    Yes, I have the same Problem.
    Report this bug on

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