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Thread: Another cheap webcam microphone fail...

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    Re: Another cheap webcam microphone fail...

    I think it boils down to native drivers.
    Most USB audio devices, input or output, just work thanks to a "generic USB audio device driver" that has been around for donkey's years. A few devices for reasons know only by the vendors have some sort of "value added" or just a deviation from the industry standard. This ones are different enough to need a different driver. Windows seems to support a wider range of variants then the homologous Linux driver. Examples are microphones and speakers that are recognized but don't work or speakers that only emit noise or have an annoying humming noise on top of the sound they should be emitting. But in Windows they "just work".

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    Unhappy Re: Another cheap webcam microphone fail...

    [QUOTE=TheFu;13989449]You can fight with this thing, or get a logitech c270 and have it "just work." How much is your time worth? Logitech webcams seem to be back in stock around here.

    I have a Logitech C270 webcam, running the latest distro release, and it is having all sorts of stupid problems and doesn't "just work." I don't think anything ever with Linux "just works." The microphone rate is by default incorrect and is 3X too fast and the audio sounds like Alvin and the stupid Chipmunks. I had to edit /etc/pulse/ and manually add the device and the correct rate. Then, the microphone wouldn't work with most applications, and most specifically with Google Chrome because the webcam audio is mono but Linux thinks it's a stereo webcam and has two channels when there should only be one, so I also had to edit that same file to specify the USB webcam microphone was mono and not multichannel/stereo. It still isn't working most of the time and has to constantly be unplugged and reconnected all the time to reset and work. And the webcam video is giving me many challenges/annoying pixelated horizontal lines and colorful squares.

    So... no. It doesn't "just work," even with a Logitech C270 webcam. Linux is so fun...

    edit: sorryyyy, I was just a bit frustrated after having spent so many hours on this. ◔_◔ Thank you, wildmanne39.

    Also... this isn't solely a Linux problem: I've used this webcam/microphone for years now and have always encountered countless problems, including the wrong rate "chipmunk effect" on Windows. It seems no matter the OS, if I'm going to be using this webcam, I'm going to just always have to get used to the fact that it will have to constantly be disconnected and reconnected in order to function. :-/
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    Re: Another cheap webcam microphone fail...

    After applying the patch to the Linux kernel, I got my USB PHY 2.0 webcam's microphone "working".

    Previously, it would record only some sort of funny noise. With this patch applied, it gets the input audio right (*).

    Documentation for building the kernel in Ubuntu:

    (*) However, even after amplifying the input audio to maximum level allowed, the input audio is still way too low. I only get the correct amplitude if I speak directly to the webcam (5 cm distance or so). Obviously, that makes the microphone/webcam useless. One wouldn't use both the webcam and the microphone at the same time... Unless you want to capture your lips while speaking, which would be an odd use case.

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    Re: Another cheap webcam microphone fail...

    I managed to amplify the microphone's volume to a reasonable level with:

    pacmd set-source-volume <index> <volume>

    Use pacmd list-sources to figure out the index of the source.

    In my case, the the command I ran was:

    pacmd set-source-volume 5 140000

    I wish I could have set it a bit higher, but white noise increases notably beyond that level.

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