Wife wants a new pc. I haven't built one in years. Need suggestions. Heres what I know and what I need to know.

1) This will be used for general internet, watching video (streamed and non-streamed), office work. We do NOT play games,

2) I will install linux. I have used Ubuntu for years and been happy but I may try a different distro. Not sure.

3) I need recommendations for motherboard, CPU. memory.

4) I have always used AMD processor and been happy. Now I read that AMD is more affordable and as good as Intel so I will stick with AMD.

5) I think it is wise to have a graphics card other than what comes on the motherboard so I need recommendation for this. Probably doesn't take much of a graphics card now days to watch most anything.

6) I think a sound card in the motherboard is adequate.

7) I will be using a ATX tower.

8) Looking to keep the cost to a minimum or there abouts.

I can't think of anything else right now.

I don't think this is a very complicated order at all. I just am not up on what available.

How you all will help me make some decisions. Thanks.