I just got a Notebook VAIO Core i3-8130U 4GB 1TB Tela 15.6” Windows 10 FE15 VJFE51F11X-B0111H. I plan to dual boot it with Ubuntu. I wrote ubuntu-20.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso to a usb drive and booted the new computer with that usb. The bootup went as expected and the Ubuntu seemed to load fine.

I can move the cursor around with the touchpad. However, the touchpad buttons don’t work completely. By completely, I mean I can’t click with those buttons though I can scroll using the left button (That is, if I put the cursor over a scrollbar, if I hold down the left button I can scroll.). But I can’t use either button to click. I can do a “left-click” by tapping the touchpad and right click by doing a 2-finger tap.

I tried booting with a manjaro usb and had the same problem.

How can I get these two buttons to click?