I'm having a weird issue with the way that keyboards integrate with Ubuntu that someone with some experience may be able to help me with. This occurs with two keyboards that I have, decided to try the other one to see if it wasn't an issue with just one keyboard. When using the caps lock key to toggle caps on and off, it seems like there's a decent delay getting this to register. So for instance if I'm typing a password (or something else in general, just as an example) having a couple of the same letters in a row, perhaps starting with Ww, upon using caps lock to toggle back to lowercase it will still register as WW unless I give it a second to toggle back down to the lowercase letter. It's more of an annoyance than anything, not a huge issue but something I'm generally interested in seeing if there's a fix for. I can of course use the shift key just fine without delay so I'm not sure as to whether or not this is a software issue or a general hardware issue on my system. It's not a problem on Windows of any sort, I wonder if there's not a driver problem.... just unsure.

I did some searching around on this and the only thing conclusive that I found is that it was possibly a bug that was fixed many, many years ago. Either that or I'm not searching for the right things.
Any advice on this?