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Thread: Ubuntu + Apache2 + PHP7.4 (PHP not execute when files not own by root)

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    Ubuntu + Apache2 + PHP7.4 (PHP not execute when files not own by root)

    Thank you so much for dropping by

    I am very new to Linux and decided to start my Linux journey with Ubuntu.

    To get to the point, I am planning to use Ubuntu as a web server.

    Therefore, I installed Apache2 and PHP7.4 together.

    The default folder for the web is /var/www

    I first try to test whether PHP can run properly by created a file which contain

    <?php phpinfo();?>

    by using the command # sudo nano /var/www/info.php

    As a result, I file "info.php" was created under user=root group=root

    and the PHP was executed and shown properly on the web browser at 192.168.xx.xx/info.php

    However, problems occurred when I journeyed further...

    1. When I uploaded a new PHP file (Test.php)(just to show "Hello world") to the web folder via Filezilla,
    the files I uploaded was shown to be owned by my username and my group, not by root.
    and PHP won't executed and shown as plain codes on the web browser.

    Therefore, I tried to fix it by changing both user and group of the file to root,
    using the command # sudo chown root:root /var/www/Test.php
    then PHP executed properly on the web browser.


    2. I then tried to change the home directory of the web from (/var/www) to (/home/myusername/www).
    The HTML pages was shown correctly, but PHP was not working and shown as plain codes.
    I though I could fix the problem by just changing user and group of the PHP files to root.
    Unfortunately, this time it did not work...

    I have been searching all over the net on how to fix this issue, but none worked....

    Finally, I changed the home directory back to /var/www/ and things are now back to normal.

    But that's is not what it should be, right? I suppose to be able to do more with it.


    So it comes to 2 problems which I really need solution to :

    1. How can I have PHP execute properly under my username, not root.

    2. How can I have PHP execute properly under the new web directory other than /var/www

    Thank you so much in advance if anyone could shed some light upon me
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    Re: Ubuntu + Apache2 + PHP7.4 (PHP not execute when files not own by root)

    how did you install PHP and Apache?

    i never had this problem. root is normally only needed if any system files are accessed.
    Read the easy to understand, lots of pics Ubuntu manual.
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
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