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Thread: Lubuntu 20.04 not starting

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    Question Lubuntu 20.04 not starting

    My PC has Lubuntu 20.04 as its sole operating system. Since installing a couple of months ago, all has been working well. A few weeks ago the mouse cursor froze on me so I powered off the PC and rebooted. That appeared to fix the problem. Today the same thing happened, my mouse cursor froze. I again rebooted the system but Lubuntu would not start.

    Now when I start my PC. all looks good with the Lubuntu logo displaying and the little white balls moving underneath. This continues for about 20 seconds then the screen goes blank (black) and stays that way. I did wait over 2 hours, but still nothing happened. My PC does not have a hard disc activity light so I do not know what is happening there.

    I have a Lubuntu 20.04 live CD and can boot into that but not the installed Lubuntu 20.04 operating system. When I boot using the live CD, I can see all files on my SSD, including my Lubuntu files.

    What can I do to get my PC to fully open the installed Lubuntu 20.04?
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