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Thread: Multimedia software for genealogy photos and documents?

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    Multimedia software for genealogy photos and documents?

    I have always wanted an online or offline program for holding and organizing photos, film and documents in an easy to navigate way. Specifically, a seamless way to add annotations and person identification to photos, and text search on documents. I realize that ancestry and familysearch have media options, but I always wanted to see one that was specifically designed for multimedia and holding many files in an easy to search way, preferably private. Does such a program exist?

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    Re: Multimedia software for genealogy photos and documents?

    What have you looked at already?
    Did you go through this list?

    I only googled for answers. Never played with any software of this sort. There's to guy in our family who keeps all the records up to date and gathers historical information for our family from the old country and the country prior to that. He's travelled to the towns and looked up birth and death records from before what are family maintained since the earl 1700s. He walks cemeteries and photographs tombstones. That's a huge commitment level, well beyond my interest level.


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