GNOME 3.36.3 | Ubuntu 20.04.1

It has been a month and I have been experiencing this weird behavior.
Actually two significant weird behavior:

  • Earphone option like this while unlocking the laptop as if I have inserted earphones.
  • I have to press Fn + Esc every time I start Ubuntu.

I would love to know what is causing this?

Some details on 1st issue:
I have to wait like 10 min or so after the lock of the screen. This will trigger something and I will see earphone options. Or I have to close the lid and wait like 10 min or so and open the lid and BOOM I will see annoying unwanted earphone option.

Some details on 2nd issue:
Why I have to press Fn + Esc? This didn’t use to happen before. Neither the 1st issue. To use the button which is used to increase/decrease/mute volume, brightness, etc I have to unlock those key by pressing Fn + Esc.

Something is wrong. I want to know why? Is it a new Ubuntu’s gnome update? All of a sudden I have been experiencing this! It’s a small issue but very painful to go throw this EVERYDAY.