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Thread: Low Sound Quality

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    Low Sound Quality

    recently, i installed ubuntu 20.04 to my new Lenovo x1 Carbon (8th gen), this is my first time using Ubuntu or any linux distribution, everything went fine with except my sound quality is significantly lower than the one i get when i'm using windows 10 (i'm dualbooting) as it seems that only two of the four speakers are working (i cant hear the basses). i dont know if it is the kernel (5.4) or a problem in the drivers or anything else.
    i have researched a little bit about this problem and i'm not the only one trying to solve it, and this is also happening with the 7th gen model, hope you can help me.

    edit: i'm new here so i dont know if this posts should be here or in the hardware forum, please delete it if this post is not located correctly
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