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Thread: Please let me continue using Ubuntu Forums

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    Please let me continue using Ubuntu Forums

    Hi Forums Resolution People:

    When I log into the forums now I get a message that I don't fully understand.... However, I've learned that it means that much of my former privilege of posting questions has been revoked.

    I'm not sure how or why this happened.

    However, I recall getting warned about a posting I made approximately a year ago asking how to rip material from a CD. I had bought a "books on tape" CD used, and wanted to listen to it on my phone: I don't have a CD player other than the one on my desktop.

    Was that the reason my privileges were revoked? Very sorry if it was. I wanted to hear the tape, and not sell it or distribute it. I won't do it again.

    Could you please restore my privileges to post questions on the forum?

    I am just an old man, I'm 69, and I do not mean anyone any harm. I've been using Ubuntu since 6.04 (Hoary Hedge Hog) 15 or 16 years ago. I've been faithful to Ubuntu and use it on all of my computers. I will soon by a System76 machine.

    Also, I retired and went back to school to study jazz. I play guitar. I need the open source music tools like musescore, audacity, and other open source software to do my school work... and much of the time I need to ask questions about how to use it properly. Being removed from the forums is devastating to my school work.

    Please reconsider your decision, and allow me to continue to use the forums to learn how to use ubuntu and the open source software.

    I'd be very greatful.

    If you could please let me know what I did wrong, and I won't do it again.

    Please contcact me at my email address: [email removed]
    I won't know how to receive your messages any other way.

    I hope to hear from you soon. I need the forums.

    Phil Smith
    (Old Jimma From the Old Country)
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    Re: Please let me continue using Ubuntu Forums


    What was the exact message? Were you trying to post in a closed thread?

    You must be able to post, as demonstrated that you were able to post here.
    Please read The Forum Rules and The Forum Posting Guidelines

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    Re: Please let me continue using Ubuntu Forums

    You didn't do anything wrong. Neither did any forum staff make any changes to your profile.

    What happened was that you changed the email registered to the forum account, but did not re-activate the account from the verification email sent to your new email address. That is why you could not post.

    I have re-activated your account for you.

    99.9% of websites, whether forums or online shopping ones, or whatever, require you to verify or re-activate your account after changing your email address. Worth keeping in mind!
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    Re: Please let me continue using Ubuntu Forums

    Removed email from post. We normally use PM for private messages, but see below.

    You do not have anything preventing you from posting as near as I can tell.

    But you have changed multiple setting on PM's & messages.
    Even a Moderator cannot PM you and you do not have a way to see that a PM was sent.
    Only an Admin seem to be able to send PM, but you have pop to see you it disabled.
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