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Thread: Only one of my displays working at a time

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    Only one of my displays working at a time

    Essentially i am in a bit of a pickle I have been using pop OS (a variant of Ubuntu i believe) and i was using a laptop as my daily driver (hp pavilion gaming dk-0001na 1660Ti i7 9750h) and everything worked fine until one day it didn't just out of nowhere while i was browsing the internet on Firefox and my laptop display just went black out of nowhere it seems. i tried uninstalling then reinstalling the NVIDIA drivers again using pop shop still nothing. The only way i can get my laptops screen to work is if i select integrated graphics in the power options any other option (even hybrid mode) and i only get output from my main display. I would reinstall everything but i have a bunch of steam games that are big and i haven't gotten around to backing up yet and my internet is doodoo so i would like to only have to use that as a last resort. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Only one of my displays working at a time

    Thread moved to Ubuntu/Debian BASED.

    PopOS is a completely separate distribution despite being based on Ubuntu. It may be different in subtle ways, but enough that the "standard Ubuntu answer" may not apply.

    While we offer this sub-forum for people to use, the main forum areas are for the support of official Ubuntu flavors.

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