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Thread: headless remote session vino black screen

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    headless remote session vino black screen

    hi all,

    i have a desktop with amd 3200G cpu that i run headless. i'm trying to connect via vnc, but when i do i get only a black screen. this is with a fresh install of mint 20 cinnamon and all updates installed. this setup previously worked with ubuntu 19.10.

    i have installed vino following these instructions:

    i have installed a dummy display following these instructions:

    when connecting via vnc, it detects the server, does the password authentication, and then brings me to a black screen.

    any help is much appreciated. thanks.
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    Re: headless remote session vino black screen

    Moved to MINT as a more appropriate forum.

    Although Mint is derived from Ubuntu, it is an entirely independent distribution and is not one of the official flavors of Ubuntu.
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    Re: headless remote session vino black screen

    if anyone is looking for the solution that worked for me, i missed an option in dconf to disable approval prompt when connecting remotely. after changing this everything worked as expected.


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