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Thread: How do YOU pronounce Xfce?

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    Re: How do YOU pronounce Xfce?

    Quote Originally Posted by poorguy View Post

    Hounding people to do or try things you use and feel is a better choice isn't the best way to accomplish what you're wanting to accomplish.

    Linux isn't for everyone and doesn't always do what other users want or need to do.Is there anyone here who is going to run out and try it?
    If so, what for?
    I don't think many people would realise they were on Linux as opposed to Windows - I think they use the term Windows like Hoover. An updated version of Word or Windows causes as much confusion as if they merely used a Linux machine and were merely told it was a different version. Provided of course they just used common programs like word processor or browser.


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    Re: How do YOU pronounce Xfce?

    I say it the way I see it, individually.

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    Re: How do YOU pronounce Xfce?

    "X" = Cha
    "fce" = Face

    Cha-Face is how I pronounce it.

    J/K. X-F-C-E. Just sound out the letters.
    Holy Cripes on Toast!
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