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Thread: ubuntu 20.04 hangs when attempting to mount ntfs partition

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    ubuntu 20.04 hangs when attempting to mount ntfs partition

    Hello, The issue I have is that my system completely hangs when I mount a ntfs partition.

    I am using a Ubuntu 20.04 system with dual boot organized as follows:

    Ext4 partition (/dev/sda7) mounted on /home - which is automatically mounted when I turn on my computer, and is my Ubuntu 20.04 system
    NTFS partition (/dev/sda3) unmounted by default
    Other smaller sections such as swap... etc.

    When I boot I can choose alternatively to start in the NTFS partition with Windows10, and it works OK. However, I usually start in the Ext4 (ubuntu). From ubuntu I attempt to mount the NTFS partition manually simply by navigating to "+ Other locations" (I guess that's the EN translation of my ES version) and click on the OS disc icon. This usually hanged the computer for few seconds up to 1-2 minutes. But now it turned to be a persistent hang (more than 15 min) from where the systems does not recover and I am forced to restart.

    When it hangs I can barely move the mouse, and nothing else works except Alt+Ctrl+F4 (I don't know what to do there anyway) and Alt+Ctrl+F1 from where I can restart the computer. But restarting doesn't help
    I will give some other info below
    I appreciate any help

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    Re: ubuntu 20.04 hangs when attempting to mount ntfs partition

    Things I have already done:

    I already tried doing this:
    ntfsfix /dev/sda3
    It returned
    Mounting volume... OK
    Processing of $MFT and $MFTMirr completed successfully.
    Checking the alternate boot sector... OK
    NTFS volume version is 3.1.
    NTFS partition /dev/sda3 was processed successfully.
    sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /media/alemsqdt/
    It hanged...

    A similar post I found was (in mint, although):
    But the solution there was to change the NTFS system by an Ext4 system but I can't since I need that partition to run in Windows.

    I did
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    and restarted
    But It still hangs (always when attempting to mount ntfs, otherwise the system works perfectly)

    This has happened to me once before, using Ubuntu 19.10 and the same ntfs partition with Windows 10. I couldn't solve the issue. What I did was wait until Ubuntu 20.04 was developed and installed it from scratch. But I don't want to do another fresh install, I suppose this can be solved...

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