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Thread: interesting read about linux security

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    Re: interesting read about linux security

    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff_Lane View Post
    Great article. Lot of scaremongering about computer security but much of it is hyped.

    I think computer security is ripe for scaremongering. Most people have little understanding of computers and technology so are prone to believe what they're told, especially if it's presented in a believable way by a hip/attractive presenter. It doesn't have to be correct, just believable. This phenomenon isn't restricted to computers and technology unfortunately. A few hours watching American TV will illustrate the point.

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    Great article, thanks for sharing. Currently I use Lynis, Firetools/Firejail, ClamAV/ClamTK, and GUFW/UFW on my home Linux Box, each of which does NOT require the user to be a Linux System Administrator. My purpose for using these free tools is to reduce even more any possible risk.

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