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Thread: One mounts, the other doesn't :-(

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    Re: One mounts, the other doesn't :-(

    Both drives now have a partition table. The first has one in MBR style, the second in GPT style. GPT is modern and has some advantages, but for a 16GB stick it doesn't really matter. That you now have a GPT partition table tells us that you formatted the drive, so any damaged partitions or filesystems have been deleted and a new, clean partition has been created. It's only 500MB, the remaining 15.5GB is currently unusable because unallocated. You can use your favourite partitioning tool to make the whole drive usable again.

    I assume my guess of a damaged filesystem was more or less correct. Pulling the usb stick out of the computer before unmounting the filesystem may cause filesystem damage. It may also be a broken drive. They don't last forever.

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    Re: One mounts, the other doesn't :-(

    Thanks for the pointers, the problem is sorted now, and I have a better understanding of what was wrong.

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