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Thread: how do i mount something on my raid disks

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    Cool how do i mount something on my raid disks

    hi im running the following raid 10 configuration
    4 main 2tb hdds
    and 1 spare 2tb hdd

    how do i mount /backup on the array

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    Re: how do i mount something on my raid disks


    RAID isn't mounted. The file system is mounted. Do you have a file system?

    Also, backups probably shouldn't be wasted on a RAID10 setup. RAID is for HA ... backups aren't the important part. Use RAID on the real disks, not backup storage.

    What sort of RAID is it? Fake-RAID, SW-RAID, HW-RAID?

    Usually, there is a RAID device created. Then we have to make a file system on that ... or partitions or LVM PV, which gets a VG and multiple LVs, then a file system is put onto each LV.

    Finally, the file system gets mounted using either the mount command at the prompt for testing/temporary stuff or through the fstab or through systemd-Unit files or through a manually created script that gets called. 99% of the time, you want to use the fstab method.

    As to how you "mount something on my raid disks" - I haven't a clue. The terminology isn't close enough to understand the intention. The last sentence says " how do i mount /backup on the array" - that would properly be stated - "how to I mount the file system on my array to /backup."

    There are lots of examples for fstab entries in these forums. Or
    But if the array isn't "assembled" and doesn't have a file system (mkfs) already, it won't work.

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