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Thread: new to ubuntu

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    new to ubuntu

    good evening all.
    i stumbled apon this forum after installing ubuntu for the first time yesterday, looking for answers to a nas data recovery issue.
    i must say i am impressed all beit confused a little by the terminal but im hoping to keep ubuntu on my back up machine as it does seem to have some very handy capabilities, once i figure out how to use them.

    was woundering is someone could point me in the right dirrection please.
    i have an old netgear stora nas that is equipt with a barracuda 2tb hdd. i can`t moan at the old girl shes been steaming and storing for 10 years, but shes just bit the dust. i have scanned the drive with trial versions of recovery programs with windows and can see all the files but i refuse to pay the extosrtionate cost they want for what i would imagine is a linux based capture program. i have been reading up and watching videos over the last 24hrs and see that ubuntu has the capabilities to mount the drive so i can transfer my data to my new nas. i am coming a little unstuck with os`s and some of the terminal code lines.

    im not after the step by step guide i would like to learn how to do this so i can keep ubuntu on one of my machines and am happy to read through other posts ect.

    Many thanks Tony

    i should have added that my back up machine is only a 32bit x86 system as i only realy use it for network adjustments and the kids school activities so i cannot run the lastest unbuntu`s
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    Re: new to ubuntu

    what is the file system on the disk? NTFS?

    Edit: Debian still supports 32bit and the commands are mostly the same as in Ubuntu. they have excellent docuemntation.

    if you need a GUI backup machine have a look at
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    Read the easy to understand, lots of pics Ubuntu manual.
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
    Full disk backup (newer kernel -> suitable for newer PC): Clonezilla
    User friendly full disk backup: Rescuezilla

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    Re: new to ubuntu

    thank you for your reply i sorted it last night its was xfs file system it was the naming of the drive that was causing issues so wouldnt mount as i was commanding the drive letter assigned in windows.
    i am slowly getting to grips with it.

    Thanks Tony


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