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Thread: Rythm box won't record off of a CD

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    Rythm box won't record off of a CD

    New Rythmbox problem.

    Motherboard on the former computer died a couple months ago, so the hard drive was transferred to an identical computer. Since then, I can still listen to a CD that is in the player, and also write back to a blank CD in the player without a problem, so it seems that the cd/dvd player is working fine.

    However, when I try to download and copy the music off of a new CD, it will not do so - it come up with "Error Transferring Track. Could not open resource for writing".

    Is there something in the settings of Rythmbox that I have to set? Re-install the Rythmboz software? Any other ideas?

    I have to warn, thought, that I am very computer illiterate!

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    Re: Rythm box won't record off of a CD



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