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Thread: Ubuntu won't connect to wireless internet

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    Ubuntu won't connect to wireless internet

    I have tried both versions 19.10 & 20.04 and both fail to connect to the wireless internet. I have Windows 10 and it works O.K. without any problems. I truly want to get Ubuntu working 100%. I am a bit new at all this (and 63 years old). If someone would coach me I think that I can do this. Please offer any advice and I will try it.

    I thank you in advance!

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    Re: Ubuntu won't connect to wireless internet

    What hardware do you have?

    Open a terminal and run command
    inxi -Fzx
    Please use Code-Tags for terminal output as it makes that output much more easily read and understood, formatting the text as seen in terminal, not as plain text when it is copied and pasted. See my signature below for a How-to

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