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Thread: Wacom Support

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    Wacom Support

    My apologies, I also posted a similar one to the hardware forum, not sure where it belongs.

    I just got a Wacom Intros Pro. Ubuntu 18.04 sees it and treats it so far like a trackpad with basic pen recognition. Its a fancy device with apparent lots of capabilities on Windows/Mac. It has a bunch of buttons that seem to do nothing, as does the button on the pen. I'm wondering if there some enhanced software support on Linux. I know there is a linux-wacom project, but its not clear to me if thats anything different than whats built in to Ubuntu 18.04.

    I'll admit I don't know what the fancy features would be. This would be for slides.

    In the opposite direction, I would appreciate any recommendation for a simple software drawing program, I can use during lectures. I'm a traditional chalk and blackboard person, and any real time drawing I do needs to be mostly wysiwyg, with some easy undo of the last mis-stroke.

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    Re: Wacom Support

    Duplicate thread, Closed.

    We all are volunteers and need to see what others have posted, so we do not duplicate effort.
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